Dangerous Compassions


Yesterday there was a terrible windstorm.  It’s still going today but not as bad.  It was the worst windstorm I’d ever been in.  My phone advisory went off twice.  A branch fell off a tree and onto Freedom House.

In the middle of the storm, it was calm for a little while.  I asked Ming if the storm was a round swirling thing and we were in the eye.  He said he’d looked at a satellite image, and it was more of a swath than a circle.

We drove to the Worker, before the advisories and when we didn’t understand how bad the storm was.  We drove there to dry our clothes.  We’d washed them not realizing that the wind was too strong for hanging clothes.

As Ming drove, we realized the air was brown with dirt and dust.

Today my throat’s sore and I don’t know if I’m sick or if it’s the air.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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I love you !

The storm was big

I am glad we did not get injured.

I love you !

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