Dangerous Compassions

grant sickness

I’m so grumpy I hope my grumpiness doesn’t reach through the computer and get to you.  It’s a bad grumpy.  It has an edge.

But I made avocado toast for breakfast.  I think it has to do with these grant applications I’m procrastinating about.  Maybe I should do the easy one.  I feel sick about them.

At least we’re going to the lodge this afternoon through tomorrow morning and we won’t bring work with us.  Just fun.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

One reply on “grant sickness”

I love you !

Sorry you are feeling grumpy.

The avocado toast was delicious.

I would like to express that I am certain we will get the grant applications for NDE done without further undue distress. I am sorry you are feeling sick about them.

I too am looking forward to my birthday vacation, birthday hike, and other birthday themed events you have planned and helped plan. I am sorry if it has been stressful for you.

I love you !

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