Dangerous Compassions

Guest blogger again for another lovey dovey post

I love you, Primary blogger !

We are here at the undisclosed location post Thanksgiving holiday. She is spending time with her mother at this time. I hear the occasional Ricola horncall and know they are also playing the Draw Something game on their iPhones.

Today we went to a pier and walked a bit. It was 28 minutes past the highest of the high tide I saw, so my iPhone app told me. Then we went to our favorite cafe in SLO.

“What are you doing today ?” asked the worker behind the cash register at the cafe,

“We are out having fun” answered Primary blogger. She was going to ask how his day was going but he seemed in worker mode.

After writing what might be my last letter to a prisoner penpal (cause he is up for release December 16th, 2016) we then went for a stroll to the krishna cafe nearby. She had a bowl of steamed kale for $3. We then went to Indian food buffet, I loading up on saag and rice.

We then went to a track in a nearby neighborhood park and I walked two laps. An app on my iPhone tells me that I have only gone 7000 steps today, out of my goal of 10000 per day, so that is not ideal. Need to walk more tomorrow.

DuoLingo continues to be fun, I now at Spanish, level 6 and Russian, level 2.

Oh, time for bed.

Well, it is night here. I am back to blogging as Primary blogger has gone to bed and I am up now after we went to sleep together. My sleep specialist doc has suggested that in order to increase wakefulness and consolidate my narcoleptic sleep, I should get six hours of sleep between 11pm and 5am. I don’t want to take more stimulant than I already am taking as prescribed for my narcolepsy, so that is my option, consolidated sleep, that I am doing.

I used to and sometimes do now, wake repeatedly from bad dreams, reoccurring throughout the night. I take a medication, an alpha-1 blocker, that is supposed to mitigate my bad dreams. Sometimes it works. Tonight it didn’t.

I dream often of working as an RN after a busy nightshift, trying frantically to get work finished and done before the next shift of workers arrives. I dream (and recall) the criticisms of the day shift workers of what they perceive as ‘easy’ night work.

Well, I am getting tired now, again. Good night !

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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