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Guest Blogger posts again

Guest blogger here again.

Yesterday was a day of holiday travel. We left Las Vegas, Nevada, at 5:06am and made great (fast) time to our current secret location. We rest stopped less than we have in the past, stopping this time on the trip at a country store for coffee, a cafe for a small breakfast, a restaurant for a snack, and a park for a walk. That was about it, not needing a reststop for simply rest. I am happy about that.

DuoLingo is a joy. I am studying Spanish and a little bit of Russian with it, with better success than language learning routes previously tried.

We are lucky, I guess, that we are able to take our “work” with us, as we are creating a Nevada Desert Experience winter fundraising appeal while on Thanksgiving vacation. I am also watching a training video online to find out how we may utilize an online program that will broadcast our appeal letter better to meet our needs.

Primary blogger is spending time with her mother as I write to you.

Today was visiting the Solvang Farmer’s Market after doing some mundane general shopping for tomorrow’s holiday festivities. I even utilized the link from last month’s blog post from me to check the farmers’ market schedule.

I am not planning on buying anything on Black Friday. There, I have announced my intention.

Guest blogger out.

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