Dangerous Compassions


Today I’ve had 4,552 hits on my blog so far.  Hello to any new readers!

Seems someone posted a link somewhere to my blog post about visiting the Sikh temple.  And I got a mean comment on it, insulting me for being disrespectful though the Sikhs I spoke with in person told me I had done nothing wrong since I didn’t know the custom.

So that’s unsettling.  I haven’t been feeling well so took it easy yesterday.  Today we’re having lunch with another activist here in Las Vegas.  Tomorrow morning early we leave town early for Thanksgiving.  I need to pack and go for a walk.

I’ve been writing letters, reading zines.  Ming and I went for a dusk walk yesterday, which was unusual, but I hadn’t left the house all day.

I like our new thermometer.  It pleases me to know the temps in our house and outside.  I guess I am a low grade weather geek.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

One reply on “hello”

I love you !

Wow, after digging a bit, I found your blog post about the Langar reposted here: and here on Sikh Channel: with the asking the question: "What should we do to make the experience of non-Sikhs visiting Gurdwara more engaging and inspiring ? Ideas please"

I see also this comment that seemed more compassionate to you:
"I think it's a really good Question. ..? I think here we need to do something for our own community and need some positive changes . If we can't even do some amendments for us how we can give a positive impact for some other minorities or non sikh people. I have read this Laura blog which dont make sense at all rather seemed a bit confused person herself that she liked /didn't like to go to gurdwara. She may be didn't know at all about Gurdwara system . But one thing she said it's always I wanted to ask as well about men and women sitting separately.

Our Gurus taught us we all are equal and same. Then why here in UK one side are men other side women sit separately. In India I see this hardly . don't matter But why our own people give you a look if as a girl you sit on mens side . Is that a really important.? If I myself feels uncomfortable what other non sikh will think about it ? Second I have not even seen but have noticed my friend who's white been to Gurdwara with me and all aunties and uncle keep stares and makes her uncomfortable. I tried to persuade her not to notice and she respected every thing in there. But is that OK to keep staring NON sikh..?

Thirdly, guru nanak dev ji gurdwara .. guru govind singh ji etc… are fine but Tarkhana da Gurdwara.. Jattan da gurdwara…. ravidasian da Gurdwara.. And Bhapya da Gurdwara… don't make sense to me ???? Feels like it's a crime as a jatt going to Bhapya da Gurdwara or Tarkhana da ??? Our own community is racist… Now I don't feel like go to Gurdwara because my husband is Jatt and I am Khatri or whatever…I don't care .. All I knew whole life is from our GURUS …. I AM PROUD TO BE SIKH. NO MATTER WHICH CASTE .. I RESPECT MY ALL 11 GURUS . DO MY DAILY PATH .. REST all here In UK is man made not by our GURUS.

So First thing all you need to do is finish this race systems in Gurdwara then think about how to welcome other non sikh in our place …???"

I am sharing the comment text hoping that it will help counterbalance the mean comment, and have you feeling less unsettled.

I am happy you are a low grade weather geek.

I love you !

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