Dangerous Compassions

Guest Blogger again, in a time of sorrow

Tomorrow is the day for the cry party for blogger’s dad. There is sadness around here. Primary blogger is sitting with her mom while I, guest blogger, fill you in on our day.

Primary blogger is feeling that her dad is still present, just in the other room, like a Ramakrishna story “I have not passed away, I have gone from one room to it was revealed to Sarada Devi.

We have been visiting areas and trying to be easefull with ourselves. Today we went to the Kreuzberg Cafe, a great fun cafe, and then the Morro Bay area. There we went to Sunshine Natural Foods and got a lifefactory orange bottle to replace two old plastic bottles, then visited the Shine Cafe where I had a yummy dragonfruit bowl. We then visited the Guerrilla Gardening Club Thrift Store.

In my last guest post on this blog, I mentioned about the useful apps on my iPhone. I think I will share them with you. Two are by Northcube, Life Cycle which is a productivity app and Sleep Cycle which is an alarm clock app. I also have Sleepbot, a sleep tracker app. All three are proving interesting to this narcoleptic. As a map geek, I am also interested in the TopoMaps+ app. Another useful app is Spyglass.

My time for guest blogging is up. Guest blogger out.

By Laura-Marie

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