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Another post by Guest Blogger: Lotusland and farmers’ markets

Primary blogger is sitting with her mother, so can’t blog at this time.

Grieving and the grieving process takes on many forms and strange appearances. We are taking scheduled breaks so as to not get overwhelmed.

Today we went to Montecito and visited Lotusland, a botanical garden. During the course of our two plus mile walking tour we saw so many plants, it was beautiful. Primary blogger’s favorite subgarden was the blue garden in its many shades of blue.

I was hesitant to take photos at the garden as I am sure that professional photographers have done a better job than I could. We however we surprised at the souvenir postcards. I am now regretting that I did not take photos to share here. They did tout this video of the gardens filmed by drones.

We then visited with primary blogger’s bestie E, then having lunch in Santa Barbara. I then went for a walk on Goleta Beach to achieve my goals of walking more. I got to the beach just after low tide. Did I mention to you that I recently was gifted a iPhone ? I am exploring apps and having loads of fun. The apps aimed at productivity, health, and navigation are catching my eye. So the low tide info from the iPhone was good for me as was the tracking of my steps.

We also stopped in Solvang and encountered a Farmers’ Market that we had not expected. We picked up a Santa Barbara County Farmers’ Market schedule there as we went and saw the many booths. That was fun. Visiting farmers’ markets is one of the things we enjoy. We like visiting farmers’ markets in San Luis Obispo County and in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has a few farmers’ markets with schedules here, here, and here.

And that is what happened today. Guest blogger out.

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