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Guest Blogger here again.

Today was a more relaxed day here at the undisclosed location that we are at. This morning we did some shopping then visited a farmers’ market then I went to help the Guadalupe Catholic Worker with their food distribution service.

When I got to the Beatitude Catholic Worker House, in Guadalupe, there was a long line of people representing families needing food assistance. There was also a group of volunteers preapportioning out loose potatoes in a box into two pound bags. I joined the second group then we started passing out food into the moving line of people passing each of the food stations. There was a station for canned foods, a station for half a pound of beans and two pounds of rice, a station for the bags of potatoes, and a station for onions. Then on the other side of the garage room was a station for frozen meat, a station for bread, and a station for boxes of strawberries.

The line of people progressed till the line dwindled. Then we bagged food for the people who could not make it to the line. Thirty three white bags were filled with the commodities and put into the back of two pickup trucks.

After lunch with the group of volunteers, I volunteered to help with the further food distribution by truck as they were short a person. I was interested in seeing more of Guadalupe and here was an opportunity. I also wanted to see a different method of food distribution than what I see happens at the Las Vegas Catholic Worker.

I rode with Dennis Apel, the Catholic Worker who was recently imprisoned for violating his ban-and-bar for protesting outside of Vandenberg AFB for Vandenberg Witness. We talked about his articles being posted to the local newspaper about his time during his imprisonment and about how he enjoyed his time at the Catholic Worker Gathering that happened in Las Vegas in October. We talked about the thirteen people arrested at Creech AFB, that happened as a culmination of the CW event as we delivered food around Guadalupe.

Later that evening, Primary blogger and I talked about liberation theology.

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