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Post by Guest Blogger: Death of blogger’s dad

This is a post by the Guest Blogger.

I wanted to tell you of the Langar that I went to last Wednesday.

I want to tell you that this blog owner’s dad died yesterday. She, the primary non guest blogger, is staying strong and is supporting her mother and brother in this time of grief. We are in the undisclosed location where we have been before. It is sunny outside forecasted to reach 90 degrees today. So we are indoors in this land that usually does not get that hot, and has no evaporative coolers or air conditioners in the homes.

She is writing to her friends and is getting great supportive responses back to her. She is not freaking out.

She is telling me to make my paragraphs not too long in this guest blog post as it becomes less readable. That is her tip to me.

The langar that I went to last Wednesday was fun. I went with KR, C, and SJT. We got to the langar after sundown and paid respect then listened to the Sikh chanting prayers. As we were in the Langer Hall, we noted this painted picture and wondered who the picture was depicting. Google was of some use in searching for who the religious painting was of (image here: . Baba Deep Singh Ji was depicted cutting off his head and holding it forth in his left hand while holding a broad sword in his right hand, striding forward. We then noted that was also the name of the Gurdwara we were in, Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh Ji.

The meal was then served to the devotees and guests. Pakoras, curries, rice and honey rice were served.

I would have gone again to the langar last night but the death of blogger’s dad interceded. We unusually began our travel in the early afternoon, whereas we usually begin traveling here before pre dawn. The ride was long but enjoyable, us arriving at 10:15pm.

We will be here for a few days.

My impressions: His death was preceded by a number of good days for him, including a trip to see his mother, and happened at a good time for us, after the fall event season.

That is me, spouse of blogger, signing off.

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