Dangerous Compassions

wrong number

We are at a hotel in Bakersfield. We checked in at 3 then napped. Then the phone rang. 

–Should I answer it? I asked M. 

M said yes. So I answered it. 


–Hello. This is whoever at the front desk. I’m calling to see if everything in your room is okay. 

–Yes, everything’s great. 

–Okay, let us know if you need anything. 


–Thanks. Bye. 


Phonecalls scare me. Land lines in particular. I’m afraid it will be a dead person or a killer. 

So I was suspicious about the phonecall. 

–Was that weird? I asked M. 

M said yes. It was weird. He suggested they might’ve accidentally called the wrong number. 

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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