Dangerous Compassions


Today we had adventure beyond compare.  First we went to a cafe in Pismo Beach where I had a terrible breakfast burrito.  It was cold and didn’t sit well with me.

Then we went to the Arroyo Grande farmers market where we bought green pluots and sat listening to the dude sing for a long time.  Ming gave him a dollar.

Then we went to Morro Bay because I wanted to return to an anarchist thrift store we went to last time.  I thought they wouldn’t still be there, but they were!  I bought two notecards with dragons on them.  Then we went to a used bookstore wedding chapel where I bought postcards and more notecards.

Then we went to the hippie grocery store.  I bought some sundried tomato pesto and a box of mac & cheese for dinner.  Ming got yogurt.

Then we got frozen yogurt.  Mine was chocolate sugarfree and tasted wonderful.  Ming’s was blueberry with lychee popping boba, his joy.

Then we walked the Morro Bay farmers market and I bought a barrette with beads for my hair.  It’s pretty.

Then we drove back home to our undisclosed location.

This morning I finished writing the new stuff for the new NDE brochure and I’m glad to be done, sent it off to my bestie, the brochure-making artist.

Now my niece is here to bake apple crisp with my mom.  They wanted to know if I would eat some, but I’m off sugar, so the answer is no.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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