Dangerous Compassions

Madonna Inn

Yesterday we went to the Madonna Inn, a fancy pink place with some history. Ming and I looked at the amazing special cake. He was unintimidated and walked around so bravely. We went to the shop and found the wall of postcards. The postcards depict the different strange rooms. 

Ming went to the bathroom where there was a waterfall urinal and giant clamshell sinks.  I went to the bathroom and there was no such finery. 

Also we went to Indian food where Ming got good spinach and I got malai kofta. Also the waiter suggested this potato bread that was good and different. It was aloo paratha. 

Today my cousin is coming over to work on his truck with Dad and my brother is coming over to go through some boxes. 

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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