Learning Spanish

Transparent Language and Mindsnack

Well, a long time has passed.  I took a break and am working on Spanish again.

My library has a free Spanish course.  (They have lots of languages, but Spanish is my choice.)  It’s called Transparent Language.  I am on Unit 3: I Need Help! Lesson 11.  Last unit I failed my assessment because I translated things into the way I think rather than the exact wording they used.  It’s a computer, grading you–doesn’t know synonyms, etc.

So I took the assessment again, crankily, and passed just fine.

Also I have this Spanish learning app for my phone made by Mindsnack and it was five dollars.  The games are really fun!  I like Bloon best.  I am at level 18 and have learned a lot.  Don’t know how well it will stick, but I’m trying.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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