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tea time tea time tea time tea

Yesterday we stopped by Lorenzi Park for a walk around the pond.  We saw ducks with their ducklings swimming in the water.  Cute!  Big ducklings and little fuzzy-looking ones.

Then on the shore we saw Canada Geese with their goslings.  Cute!

Last night I was writing a poem in my head and was too sleepy to get up and write it down.  I need to keep paper and pen by the bed.

We want to find new parks to walk in.  I think the parks in Las Vegas are not so good.

I was losing my ability to concentrate yesterday at the thank you note writing party.  So I quit after almost two hours.

Tea time!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Hey Laura-Marie,

I heard that in Japan activities to do with water like making tea or bathing are regarded as ceremonies. I *think* it might be something to do with the fact Japan nearly suffered an environmental collapse in the 16th century (might have been 17th). I think that is why the respect materials like wood, rice and textiles.

I bought lego today. it was a lego 'prison'. As I went to purchase it the song 'rock the casbah' by the clash came on the PA system, i took this as a good omen. I confessed to the lego shop woman that the toy wasnt for a child it was for me and that i found getting absorbed in lego very very stress relieving. i said it was better for me to spend $100 on lego than on a therapy session that goes nowhere. She replied by making the comment that 'it is relaxing because lego is all about following the process'. The comment reminded me of process work theory 'follow the process wherever it leads'.

I have suffered anxiety for many years. I hope and pray I am coming out of it.

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