Dangerous Compassions


I’m at a Peet’s with unsweetened herbal iced tea listening to “I Get Wild” by the Talking Heads, a song I like.  This is a live version.

Ming is with the elder of his two sons.  They went to Red Robin.  I was agonizing about whether to go with them.

“You could have ice cream,” Ming told me.

“That wouldn’t be good for me,” I said.  “I could have a lettuce leaf.”  We’ve been spending all our time together.  But in the night I sleep and Ming has his night life.

Our hotel room has laminate wood floors, a new thing for me.  It also has no fridge, no microwave.  And you have to pay for the wifi code.  What kind of shit is that and why did I go along with it?  No breakfast.  Small towels.

At least the bed’s okay but my back’s slightly f-ed today.  We went for a walk in Berkeley.  We went into a record store looking for zines.  We went to the Nolo bookstore and I saw the book about getting and keeping Social Security that helped me so much, when I got it out from the library in Sacramento.

I’ve been here an hour and would like an award.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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Thank you for providing time to see Josh. It was a great conversation that we had and I think you would have liked it / being a part in it.

Last night's nightlife consisted of my being blocked from the pay to use internet, so I read up on Unified Registration Statement as a part of Nonprofit Fundraising Registration. I was up from 10:45pm till midnight, then again at 3am to 3:20am, and now at 6am.

Time to wake you as it is 7am.

Love you !

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