Dangerous Compassions


Well, the overwork took its toll and we are now sick.  Last night it freaked me out when turning my head resulted in dizziness.  We have coughs, headaches, body aches, and that disconcerting dizziness.

Also last night I got the chills.  And was hot and cold, back and forth, as I tried to sleep with fitful dreams about sandwiches and jackets for hundreds of people.

I need everyone to leave now.  There are stragglers.  Some are staying through the next event Shut Down Creech.  I don’t know how Ming and I can do lunches when we’re sick and will give germs to 150 people.  I called T yesterday and asked for a plan B.

Today I think we’re going to the free UNLV art museum and to Mt Everest–the restaurant, not the mountain–with our nice houseguest C.  She is going home tomorrow morning.  She of the big sunglasses, colorful skirts, and excellent attitude.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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