Dangerous Compassions

the miracle of morning

This morning it is getting light and I am enjoying some precious alonetime while Ming and C are at the Catholic Worker soupline serving food.

Today we need to deliver ingredients to a far edge of town to the person who’s cooking Sunday dinner.

Yesterday we did a big shop, spending $363 at Costco, after spending more than $80 at Smith’s.  So many decisions, sometimes about things I don’t like.  For example, deciding which lunch meat to purchase.  It requires imagination to guess what the meat eaters will like.

Last night my mind was racing at first and then I settled down and slept well.

Also someone needs to photocopy the map, the beautiful map they drew–R drew it and JR embellished it.  R has court so they’ll do it after court.

I am enjoying the miracle of morning.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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