Dangerous Compassions

nutritional yeast noodles

Today we bought nutritional yeast.  We had to go all around the garden.  WinCo stopped carrying it.  We were dumbstruck.  So we looped around to Whole Foods where we paid almost $9 for a small bag of it.

I had a nutritional yeast craving, so I made noodles with nutritional yeast, a decadent dish.  You leave some of the boiling water in to make a sauce.

The weakness in my right hand is ridiculous.  I can barely handwrite, which knocks me on my ass because I used to do that a lot, writing letters.  Luckily I can type.  I also have a hard time buttoning my pants and picking up small things from a table.  Brushing my teeth.  Opening a bottle.

I have an appointment for Wednesday but I don’t know if my poverty insurance will cover an MRI.  I don’t know why they need to pinpoint where the entrapment is.  I don’t want surgery.  I want physical therapy, maybe.

My desk got messy with too much piled around and too many pens out.  But all the things seem important to have out.  We get tons of Catholic Worker newsletters in the mail, and I feel guilty if I don’t read them all.  But seriously, there are a lot.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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