Dangerous Compassions


I was reading a permaculture magazine.  I picked it up for free last night at Rainbow’s End.  This article was bothering me, talking about revolution, conflating breaking the law with violence.  You can be non-violent and break the law.  Lots of people have done that.

Anyway, I was reading along, feeling annoyed, when I got to something like, “which you can read about in my new book such-and-such,” which annoyed me even more because I realized the whole article I’d been reading was a commercial for his book!

But in the bio I learned that he lived without money for three years, which I find pretty amazing.  I want to see if our library has the book he wrote about that.

People are arriving for their trials.  People who got arrested at Creech in the spring.  Four to six people will be staying in Freedom House.  We’ll pick one of them up at the airport tonight at 10.

People liked the spaghetti squash.  Only a little bit was left over, which Ming composted.

“You have a cauldron,” our friend R said when he came into our house to talk to us.  It’s the big tamale steaming pot my mom gave us.  It’s not a cauldron, but it is black.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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