Dangerous Compassions

nature day

I expected moss growing on the moss, in the rainforest.  We walked a third of a mile to the world’s largest sitka spruce.  I was not impressed when a white guy there said something about a lot of cords of wood.

I didn’t expect clams under the ground to spit up water at the edge of the sound or little brown crabs to scuttle.  Well, I just looked up the word scuttle and it actually means to sink your own ship, among other things.  I mean a combination of skim and shuffle.

I was surprised when a friend said she could see us, but I didn’t get her message until just now.  I wish facebook was not so necessary.  I mean, it’s not necessary but seems that way sometimes.  I hate on facebook but it’s been important in the formation of certain relationships.

So we had a good nature day.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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