Dangerous Compassions

dystopian grading factory dream, one of many

The other day–the day we went to the Mt Everest restaurant where we had the best Indian food in Las Vegas–we went to this Mexican grocery store called Mariana’s.  The produce was so cheap.  I got tres leches cake, and Ming got flan.

But at the checkout, among the impulse buys, there was a deck of cards.  I was curious about it, so Ming bought it for me.  The suits are coins, swords, cups, and some weird clubs.  I will post a pic for you later.  The clubs look like diseased squashes.  I don’t understand them.

We haven’t played a game with them yet.  We are so busy, too busy.  We need more downtime.

Last night I dreamt I was working at a grading factory with Ming.  They offered us a promotion, but we couldn’t get a straight answer about whether it came with a raise.  But it was way more hours.

Then we were at a dining commons with Korean food and nothing was vegetarian except some meaty-looking popsicles.  I asked if they could make us some sushi (it was Korean with sushi) just cucumber or avocado, and they said no.  It was dystopian and bad.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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