Dangerous Compassions

fear list

I am annoyed with the constant tv that’s playing at the undisclosed location.  It drives me crazy.  Also the dog drives me crazy.  He still barks at me.

Today we’ll go for a walk and to the farmers market.  Yesterday we went to see my bestie in Goleta.

I am stressed about too many things.

–my student loan (they need more documentation before processing my income-based repayment)

–the Social Security hearing that’s happening in mid-March

–doing lunches for Shut Down Creech and not knowing if people will help

–pleasing the lunch eaters

–lunch budget

–the final walk through for the apartment moveout

–the tv driving me crazy

–the dog driving me crazy by barking at me, sniffing me, etc

–Dad barking at the dog

–the going-away party and are we supposed to decorate and how about music?

–packing and getting rid of things

–saying goodbye to friends

–whether all the stuff will fit in the trailer

–fear of snapping at the friends who will help us

–fear of losing it

–getting services in Las Vegas

–getting a psychiatrist before my meds run out

–paying for car registration in Nevada


–desert insects

–desert summer

–if a jerkish person comes to live with us

–lack of control

Okay, that’s enough for now.  I will list more as they occur to me.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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