Dangerous Compassions

Sunday’s to relax

This morning I went a friend’s home for brunch.  He made us sausage with veggies and fried up some polenta too, which we ate with syrup like pancakes.  He has a different eating style than I do, though we have similar dietary preferences (he’s vegan and I’m mostly-vegan). 

Then in the afternoon, Ming and I went to a bracelet making class at Capital City Beads.  I did poorly.  Ming and I used faux leather.  The knotting was tricky for me to figure out, and I was the slowest one.  I don’t really like what I came up with, but it was good to be with friends.  It was kind of a birthday party. 

We are broke, having spent a lot of money on moving expenses.  Too much. 

Travel for the rest of the month through the beginning of March–then two weeks here, then we move. 

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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