Dangerous Compassions

candy heaven

This morning we went to Old Town to look for a clauddagh ring.  The ones they had were too small or too big.  But I found out the ring finger on my right hand is a size 11, so I just ordered one online.  They even called the Santa Cruz store to check if they had one, but the only one they had in my size had an opal in the heart and I don’t really like opals.

So then we walked around Old Town in the cold and wind.  We went to Candy Heaven for free samples, but I ended up buying $1.61 worth of candy.  I had never actually bought candy there before.  The worker said, “Is that it?!” when he looked into my bucket. 

I got three Pez refills, a strawberry candy (the kind with a liquid center–I remember them from when I was a kid), three anise candies, and four caramels for Ming. 

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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