Dangerous Compassions

BOB’s quirks

Before I forget them, I wanted to make a list of BOB’s quirks for posterity.

1.  sometimes took several tries to get it started

2.  passenger side window didn’t roll down more than two inches

3.  windshield wipers would come on randomly

4.  non-working horn

5.  non-working AC

6.  rainwater pooled on floor on the passenger side

7.  paint peeling off the hood

8.  turn signals and brake lights worked sporadically

9.  tape player broken

10.  going 40 mph up steep hills

11.  hazard lights would get stuck on so were unusable

12.  took gymnastics for people to get in and out of the backseat

13.  backseat seat belts that extended from the middle rather than the sides

14.  oil pressure gauge was haywire

15.  left turn signal didn’t turn off by itself

16.  trip odometer stuck at 3.8

17.  chopsticks to keep the rear window open

18.  oil leaks and transmission fluid leaks

And the good things about BOB.

1.  high clearance

2.  lots of cargo room for camping gear

3.  took us to Canada and back

4.  used as support vehicle for Sacred Peace Walk

5.  only cost a thousand dollars

6.  Ming helped change radiator and belts and brakes

7.  got me to school and back when I taught in Bishop

8.  never got stuck in the snow or mud

9.  tons of personality

10.  blue plates

We will love you forever in our memories, BOB!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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