Dangerous Compassions

the health of BOB

This morning we left Las Vegas at 4.  BOB was fine.  BOB was fine all the way through until we pulled into the parking lot of the Vedanta temple in Montecito and parked.  I chastised Ming for checking BOB’s back window five times. 

Then Ming pointed out to me that BOB was smoking.  There was a smell and some smoke coming out from under the hood. 

I was like, “What should we do?”  We decided to go to the temple’s bookstore and look around then return to BOB and see if it would start.

I didn’t know if I could enjoy the bookstore, but I did.  We looked at statues and expensive jewelry.  Then I read Ming two children’s books.  Stellaluna and The Three Questions.  I wanted to talk to the woman who was running the bookstore but…too shy!

So we went back to BOB.  I was in suspense.  I thought it was oil burning off the engine, and I know there are leaks.  But BOB started, and we drove all the way to our current hideout.  No problem.

Here Ming checked the oil and automatic transmission fluid.  The oil was fine.  The ATF was a bit low.  So he added more.

Is BOB not long for this world?  Many people pray for our safe travels.  It’s hard to say.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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