Dangerous Compassions

we got the beet

Today I was supposed to have a voice lesson but my teacher is sick, so she canceled.  We had plans with Ming’s mom, so we decided to go to the Bay Area anyway. 

We went to Alameda Beach and walked.  We found a small vessel made of terra cotta.  It’s painted in an interesting way.  We wondered if it was ancient.  But there’s some glitter inside, so probably not.  Ming wondered if it contained some kind of water spirit which I liberated and my reward is that now I’m immortal.

Then we went to Berkeley for lunch with Ming’s mom.  We shared some Pakistani food.

Then I got world-class boba at Purple Cow.

Then we went to Indian Rock park, where I sat on a rock for a while.  There were eucalyptus leaves and seed pods along with acorns.  I like oak and eucalyptus trees together.  It got cold.  I was wearing my new favorite shirt which is black and has some lace on it.

Then we went to Safeway to use the bathroom.  In the deli we noticed they had kombucha on tap that I didn’t like very much, none of the three flavors, but Ming liked it.  He got rose flavor.

Then we went to the North Berkeley farmer’s market and got some beets and two fall pluots. 

We tried to get some pizza at Cheeseboard Collective, but it was not time.  That’s happened to me before.

Then we drove home in some mild traffic.  Next up is prisoner writing night.  Can we do all this in one day?  We’ll try at least.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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