Dangerous Compassions

Raja’s Tandoor

Our friend made some Sacred Peace Walk shirts, purple on white, and gave Ming one–you can see him wearing it in the beach pic.  But the largest size was not large enough for me, so our friend cut the design off a medium shirt.  And we went to Walmart today to get me a white teeshirt I can sew the design onto.

But I got the idea that we should tiedye them because white shirts show dirt so much and I had seen tiedye kits at a Ross store inexpensive.

So I’m trying to figure out when and where to do it.  There used to be a table in the backyard, but there is not anymore since D moved away.  I guess we could move our table into the backyard?  Or maybe we could do it in the kitchen?  But today it’s supposed to be very rainy.  I keep waiting for it.

This morning we were in Davis to see Ming’s kid who is going to school there now.  And it was raining there.  We had Indian food for an early lunch.  The eggplant pakoras were great.  The samosas were too.  They are generous with their samosas.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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