Dangerous Compassions


Today we dropped off our houseguest at the courthouse.  Then went to San Leandro to pick up Ming’s mom and take her to Walnut Creek for a doctors appointment.

There was a lot of waiting involved.  Also sadness because the procedure has to be repeated. 

We had rush hour traffic, but at least it wasn’t too hot.

I texted with a friend.  He and I have good text conversations.  We talked about my year motto, Never In a Hurry.  We talked about defensiveness and taking things personally.  Jumping to conclusions.  Tomorrow morning we’re having coffee.

It’s a beautiful evening.  A dog is barking.  Our houseguest is cardweaving with some hemp cord I happened to have.  I was going to freecycle it, so it’s great.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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