Dangerous Compassions

at the ALA conference

We are on the floor of the lobby waiting for the exhibition hall to open.  There’s a plug for Ming’s computer.  Lots of people, lots of movement.  I have had a headache for days, off and on, and I need to take a lot of breaks today.

Last night was fun.  I ran into someone I knew from online.  I read her nametag and recognized her name.  We were excited, and Ming took a picture.  I can’t blog it yet because we don’t have the card reader.

I sold zines to someone named Jeremy Brett, the name of the actor who plays my favorite Sherlock Holmes.  So I remember it.  He was very friendly and bought zines for his library.  I was pleased.  Ming and I had bet we wouldn’t have any customers last night.

Ming loves me, and we have carrots.  There is a terrible new carpet smell pervading the hall.  But all is well.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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