Dangerous Compassions


I am at a Starbucks in Las Vegas because our internet shut off at the NDE house.  We were late paying our bill, and they canceled our account.  Anyway, I am listening to crappy easy listening music and sipping some ice water. 

This morning we served the hungry and washed dishes.  We were doing the handtowel station.  I don’t think we got many towels back.  We gave our friend R a ride to the serving site.  He read us lyrics to a new song he’s working on and told us about Peter Pan.

This afternoon the ALA conference starts.  We only table an hour and a half but need to get there early to set up.  I’m nervous.

So far I’ve given up desserts and sugary coffee drinks.  Juice.  I didn’t drink soda anyway.  I had some vanilla yogurt with a little sugar in it, and I bought some cereal with a little sugar in it.  Sugar is everywhere, and I don’t know how extreme to be.

Well, Ming needs to make a difficult phonecall.  He needs to try getting the internet account uncanceled.  I’ve had a headache off and on for days. 

And that’s life as of now!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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