Dangerous Compassions

Beale, gardening, video games

This morning we went to Beale Air Force Base.  We were there from 6 to 8, demonstrating with friends.  It was fun.  We said stuff to the guards and cops, and we chalked outlines of people on the asphalt to represent the innocents killed by drone strikes.  I held a cardboard sign that said PEACE.  We got a few hugs.

Then Ming gardened with a friend for two hours while I did some writing.

Then we went to Davis because I wanted to play Bust-a-Move.  I had tokens left over from last time.  We played Street Fighter while we waited for the Bust-a-Move machine to become available.  I was Chun-Li and used a lightning kick.

Bust-a-Move’s controls were malfunctioning–the joystick would return to center rather than staying put, so aiming was hard.  We played anyway.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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