Dangerous Compassions

Folsom prison

This morning I went to visit my cousin at Folsom prison.  I was there very early.  I got bit by two mosquitoes while I wanted outside for them to open the door. 

It was interesting.  It was way easier than Susanville.  At Susanville, the visitors and guards were snappy with one another, which created a terrible mood.  At Folsom, everyone seemed okay.

My cousin and I talked for more than two hours, longer than we had ever talked in our entire lives.  But we’ve written lots of letters.  We drank corporate beverages and ate ice cream sandwiches.  We enjoyed sitting outside.

I’m glad I went.  Thanks to Ming for driving.  Then we had brunch in Folsom and bought grapes at Trader Joe’s.  The end!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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