Dangerous Compassions

fun with Food Not Bombs

This morning I got an email saying Food Not Bombs really needed volunteers today because three of the loyal four were not going to be there.  Ming had a gardening class to help teach.

So I took the bus as close to Loaves & Fishes as I could and walked the rest of the way.

There I got some Kool-Aid ready, some instant iced tea, some water.  I got the asparagus into a pan with oil and salt and garlic powder.

I talked to P about where we’re from and everything.  I watched him cook some soup.  The tofu was already baking.  The beans were done.  The rice was in the big rice cooker.

He had the situation under control.  Someone else showed up, and I seasoned the soup.  I’m afraid it was pretty bland.  Sorry, guests.

Ming arrived.  He’d eaten a vegan waffle and smelled of vanilla.

We loaded up the vehicles and drove to Cesar Chavez park.  We set up the tables and set up everything.  I was in charge of drinks, offering guests their choice.  I really wanted some of the Kool-Aid, but we ran out!

Then we loaded stuff back in the vehicles and did some cleanup back at Loaves & Fishes.  Ming and I set a boundary of cleaning up for only half an hour.  We left them with a ton of dishes to wash, which I felt a little guilty about, but I was very tired.

I guess that’s kind of like yesterday.  The experience ended with some guilt, but overall good feelings.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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