Dangerous Compassions

what one rabbit said to the other

Today we had a board meeting.  We didn’t dance or sing, though Ming and I chanted at the end.  We ate a free lunch.  We got a little free gas. 

Today I took off the bracelet I wore for a month, the one with the yellow star.  It was time to take it off.  I can see a less-tan band on the skin where the bracelet was.

I’m up in the night because I stupidly drank some delicious chai at my favorite Indian-Pakistani place.  Also I hurt my leg during the board meeting.  I think I was so stressed I was holding my body for a long time in a tense, uncomfortable position, and it got temporarily damaged.

My solution to everything is to drink more water.  I think my hands cramp because I’m dehydrated, but I’m not sure.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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