Dangerous Compassions

welcome home!

Today we stopped for a late lunch on our way home.  When I opened my car door, there was a weird sound and a puff of dust.  “Did the door just break?” I asked Ming.  Turns out there are two pins holding the door lever on, and the bottom one broke.

Also, it took BOB about 12 tries to start today in Mammoth Lakes, and another 12 or so after lunch.  It was really scary not knowing if we’d be stuck.

things wrong with BOB

1.  sometimes takes tons of tries to get it started

2.  passenger door is half-broken now

3.  passenger window can only be rolled down an inch or it gets stuck down

4.  passenger seatbelt gets tangled up inside and Ming needs to fix it often

5.  rainwater pools on the passenger side

6.  goes super slow up hills

7.  big billows of smoke / steam / whatever when it starts

Is that it?  I think there might be more.  Something with the carburetor…?  And oil leaks. 

Anyway, we’re home now.  What a long, strange trip.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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