Dangerous Compassions

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Today we went for a walk at the wetlands.  It was fun but not what I expected.  The nature center was so elaborate.  “Who paid for this?” I asked.  There was even free hot chocolate in the picnic room.

Then we went to the container park.  That was fun and not quite what I expected either.  We ate some vegan pasta made of raw zucchini.  Then we had some very poor mac and cheese.

Then I waited in a line to ask the balloon animal maker if he could make a trilobite, Ming’s favorite animal.  Unfortunately, the balloon animal maker didn’t know what a trilobite is!  Curses.

“It’s a pre-historic animal?” I said, when he asked me what it is. “It has lots of legs like this.”

He asked me if I could show him a pic on my phone.

Ming bought me some boba tea and coffee for himself.  We sat at a table in the cold. 

There’s a giant mantis sculpture that shoots fire, but it wasn’t shooting fire at that moment.  I will post some pics.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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