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The Best Friend I Never Met and Chorus Lines

Yesterday I got a packet from England.
It contained two zines, and I read both just now.

The Best Friend I Never Met took my
breath away. I have had friendships so intense and full of poetry.
I’ve had best friends like that too. I felt very sad about endings
and blown away by the beauty of the writing, all those feelings, and
so much physical distance with emotional intimacy.

It made me think of two best friends I
have now, both who live far away, and one day will they be a memory?

I like the white space. I wouldn’t
have done it that way–I would have included tons. I probably would
have overwhelmed the reader. But this is done so I’m left hungry for
more, which is good.

The haiku zine Chorus Lines is
beautiful to behold. I like the pictures of people on the cover,
made in red. I like the poems and their immediacy. My favorite is
about a baby. Always emotional but never overdone.

I love these zines–you should buy

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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