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Yesterday I got an package in the mail from AL that made me say yay many times.  She sent a pin, a pen, and some homemade pecan butter.  She is an amazing friend.  The pecan butter is the best!  I ate some by spoon this morning with breakfast.

Also, Ming’s making soy yogurt again now that it’s no longer summer.  The batch he made yesterday turned out perfect.

I made some more beans the other day in Ming’s crock pot.  They are great northern beans.  They turned out perfect too. 

So basically all’s well on the food front.  Fall’s my favorite.  We are lucky.

I need some magazines for collage but don’t want magazines that will make me feel like crap about myself.  I think maybe at the library book sales I can get some.  Like at McClatchy. 

I just wish everything opened at 7. 

The sun just came up and the warm glow is glowing through the blinds.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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I am glad you liked the soy yogurt. It was pretty bad how it kept turning bad with an orange odoriferous film on the surface when I made it during the hot summer.

I love you with all my heart till the seas dry. Thank goodness for climate change and rising tides.


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