Dangerous Compassions

barn day

It’s tradition for me to have enchiladas for my birthday dinner, with rice and beans, and today we bought some delicata squash, my favorite squash, at Avila Barn.  So I got the idea of putting some delicata squash into a few of the enchiladas, and we’ll see.

I napped this afternoon in the luxurious white bed.  It’s heavenly.

At Avila Barn we fed lettuce to goats.  There were two white baby ones.  We looked at the emus and horses and alpacas.  Mom said the cow told Mom that the cow was unhappy.  The cow did look unhappy, with so many flies.  Oh, there were three pigs too.  And two chickens were fighting.  They looked beautiful.  The feathers on their necks flared out. 

My aunt gave us a tour of her garden–she’s doing all raised beds now with chicken wire on the bottom because she’s done with gophers.  She showed us her volunteer cilantro, her volunteer tomatoes and tomatillos.  She gave me some green salsa she made.  She told me happy birthday.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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