Dangerous Compassions

gaming and thrifting

The game yesterday morning was great.  I was an animist named Moss.  Ming was a collectivist named Ash.  Our friends were a gardener named Leaf and a scavenger called Pilar.  I had a bag of dried herbs and mushrooms and saw spirits.  We laughed a lot and got stuck sometimes but had lots of fun.  Yay for trying to new things.

Afterward I wanted to go to Old Sac for some free candy, but once you pay for parking it’s not really free anymore.  I wanted more of that tea-flavored candy.

Today we went thrift store shopping.  I got a skirt, a pair of shorts, and a dark red teeshirt.  I also got a few notecards with pictures of boats on them.  Ming got a cute light blue ringer tee with dark blue trim.  And a bright green teeshirt, like neon green, which is similar to mine of the same color. 

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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