Dangerous Compassions

this morning’s non-events

This morning we walked to the co-op for blah blah blah reason, and then we continued to the bank, but it was closed, so we walked to Safeway for vegan mayo, and huzzah!  They had some.  So we bought that and some more organic dinosaur eggs and some organic grapes and some fresh bagels and a banana.  Oh, and some tofurky.  And Ming craved orange juice.

We stood near the fountain I love, which is not flowing right now, the one with the Rubaiyat quote next to it, and ate our bagels.

Then the bank was open, and we tried to change some leftover Canadian money, but they said we had to go to a different branch near some museum.

Someone said good morning to us, then, “If you drop a penny, I’ll pick it up.”  Then we heard the sound of a coin hitting the ground.  The person standing next to him must have dropped a penny.

I am in a good mood.  My keys were lost, but I found them.  They were on the bed.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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