Dangerous Compassions

trip to Canada

We’re planning a trip to Canada, just Vancouver and maybe Banff.  Any tips from any reader out there, what not to miss?  I ordered a book called City of Glass about Vancouver and want to look for guidebooks at the library.  Central library opens at noon.

We’ll also get to meet two of my good mail friends, zine friends, on our way up in Seattle, then on our way back home in Boise.  Can’t wait. 

But we don’t know whether to trust BOB, our loyal steed, to get up the mountains.  So we’re not sure whether to go to Banff, which is in the Rockies.  We vacillate.  What do you think?  Should we err on the side of caution, or should we go for it?  I feel like maybe we should be careful, because if we push BOB too hard, we’ll no longer have a vehicle, and what will become of us?  But maybe BOB is stronger than we think, and there’s only one one way to find out.

Sometimes I think this is just a starter trip to Canada, but other times I think maybe this is our only time.

BOB is a blue ’85 Chevy Blazer, two wheel drive, had its engine replaced at some point, not a lot of miles on this engine, I think.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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