Dangerous Compassions

pancakes, rice pudding, orange juice

This morning I was making pancakes and reached in the case of soymilk to get more soymilk and cut my finger on the cardboard.  Wtf, cardboard paper cut!  But the pancakes were really good.  They were vegan cornmeal almond pancakes.

This morning was Buddha puja.  We sang at choir practice and sounded pretty bad, not knowing who all would show up for the actual puja, but then more singers showed up.  And we sounded fine at the actual puja.  Then there was lunch, including rice pudding, and I bought a copy of the Dhammapada for P from the temple bookstore.  The person running the bookstore and I compared two translations, and it was fun to read aloud from both of them.  The $11 translation won–we rejected the $9 Penguin translation.

Yesterday we went to a party and lived to tell the tale.  I think we lasted about an hour, maybe 45 minutes.  The living room was small.  I drank some good orange juice.  We saw the plants growing out back–we saw the bunnies.  We saw our friend’s books in a different context–this is the fourth home I’ve known her to live in.  I guess she moves a lot.  We got some good hugs.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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