Dangerous Compassions

six beaches

We are home from travels.  This morning we went to church, and during coffee time, I told my friend S how we went to Avila Beach, Shell Beach, Pismo Beach, Surf Beach, and Guadaulpe Beach.  I forgot to say we also went to Goleta Beach.  And we went to LA and Santa Barbara.  And we went to Montecito to attend vespers at the Vedanta temple there.  We saw six of my old friends in addition to much family.  We baked cookies.  We fed my parents’ three-legged pit bull Tracey and gave her her pill every night. 

Today after church we delivered some empty boxes and picked up a ton of stuff from E’s place that I missed when I moved out.  Then we got home and I sorted though most of it, which made me sad.  There were a lot of cds, some stamps, lots of letters and old papers, postcards, books, and too many zines.  I found the 99% pin a friend sent me last year and pinned it on my sweatshirt jacket.

Just now Ming and I walked to the co-op for prunes, and I put an etsy order in the mail.  I have been looking at free bassoon music and fingering charts online.  But I’m easily overwhelmed.  I guess it’s hard work transitioning to regular life after so long away.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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