Ancient History


When I was a kid, I learned to read music in third grade.  We played black plastic recorders at music, which I think was once a week.  It wasn’t in our regular classroom, and I remember how happy I felt to make the trek across school.  Maybe it was actually two or three times a week.  I just know I liked it.

So treble clef is second nature to me.  I played clarinet too.  Most recently I played tin whistle. 

And I played bassoon for six years, but today when I was looking at a fingering chart online, it was chilling for me to realize how I didn’t know the names of the notes. 

Then I remembered All Cars Eat Gas / All Cows Eat Grass which helped.  And my old favorite scale, F major, I looked at the fingerings, and maybe I can do it. 

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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