Dangerous Compassions

bonus three things

1.  We went to The Beat so I could ask if they were getting Sufjan Stevens’ new album on November 13th.  The guy told me they would get a lot in.  I’m so there!

2.  We saw / heard someone playing bagpipes out in front of a Starbucks while we were taking a walk, the other day.  Guess what song it was.  You get one guess.  Clue: It’s the archetypal bagpipes song.

3.  Last night we had dinner with E and it was fun to get the $2.99 falafel.  Then we went to Whole Foods where I bought some defatted peanutbutter.  This is a new thing, for me.  It’s powdered.  I’m using it in a refrigerator oatmeal recipe that’s in the fridge right now.  With chia seeds.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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