Dangerous Compassions

post-birthday birthday trip

We went on a post-birthday birthday trip.  I was spoiled rotten by friends and family.  Here’s us at Guadalupe beach.  We’re standing in front of a body of water that is not the pacific ocean.  You can’t see them in the picture unless you zoom in really close, but there are some small birds in the water, possibly plovers?

Here’s a bone we found.

Mom baked me a brownie nut cake.

Here’s me being sung to.

Yesterday we took the train home.  We were stopped for about an hour as the police investigated a suicide–someone jumped in front of the train.  The announcement person said, “A trespasser was hit.”  But once we got to the station, we asked about it.  We were stopped in front of a raisin field where we saw some farming in action. 

Field workers went down the rows, picking up papers filled with raisins.  They dumped the raisins in the truck and skewered the papers on long, thin poles.  Then they took the papers off the poles and put them in a pile and lit the pile on fire.  We had the perfect view.

As our consolation, the train workers gave us snack packs.  Here’s Ming’s.

And those are my birthday posts.  It’s great having such helpful people in my life to have a lot of fun with.

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