Dangerous Compassions


Today M and I saw this great cow wheatpasted to a utility box.  There used to be three, but now there’s only one, which I could tell from faint outlines.  I discussed with my bestie how strange it was that only one of three cows remained.  She suggested that it was the result of someone’s aesthetic sense, which made me laugh.  Isn’t it a beautiful cow?

M and I talked quietly at central library.  I showed him where the zines are.

Then we went to the train museum.  It was my first time.  He’s a member, so he got us in for free! I love the brass toy trains.  I love the old box labels.  I enjoyed looking at the dishes, an old sewing machine, a paper of old buttons.  I was claustrophobic in the sleeper car, but it was okay.

Then M and I had lunch.  We shared a meal, which felt comfy.  We talked about how to make chile rellenos–I made them long ago, in college.  I like roasting the chiles on the stove.  We talked about chips being a substrate.  We discussed whether alcohol thins the blood and the definition of “viscous.”

Then we walked from Old Town to M’s house after considering light rail.  I have never ridden it!  But I said there will be other chances.

In the evening, Erik and I went to Fair Oaks for dinner at Sunflower and some time by the river.  I walked, talked on the phone, and enjoyed the beauty of the vetch which is blooming all over the place.  Erik was running, and he tripped and fell during his run.  Luckily he survived with only a few scrapes. 

Then at home Erik finished proofreading the new functionally ill, and I can lay it out now.  Night, friends!

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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