Dangerous Compassions



“It’s all good,” Erik said, in reference to the neighbors playing music so loudly that our windows are rattling.

“No, it’s not all good!” I said.


“What are you listening to?” I asked Erik, who is listening to music on headphones. 

“I don’t want to tell you.  Stupid pop song,” he said.

“Tell me!”

“No!  I can’t!”


“Have you seen my twisty time Allen wrench?” Erik asked.

“You mean the one the neighbor kids have?” I said.

“I really walked into that one.  You give a kid a tool that’s perfect for tightening and untightening the bolts of his skateboard, you think he’s going to want to part with that?”


“If you saw what music I was listening to, you could never ever blog it.”

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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